My Motivation


There is always some motivation behind everything you do. Which can be as simple as deciding upon a cafe to hangout or figuring out a plan to start your own business.

So what motivated me to start this blog

In recent 2 to 3 years, there has been a lot of buzz around startups, getting funded to massive layoffs to making massive money online. What I observed was that people started creating businesses and building websites, mobile apps, social media pages, groups and what not, and a lot of people like me and you started engaging with such pages, groups over Facebook, Linkedin, Slack, Whatsapp to keep up with the industry happenings and what everyone else in the community are upto.

I observed a major problem that all these communities had a good number of audiences but lacked the right content rather say the structure of how they operated towards the reasons they were made. Some people did post really good insights and articles and some just started promoting their services or startup. Most of them giving incomplete solutions, help or simply say gyaan.

After following major of them for a year I figured that it is a great threat to people who are serious about starting their own businesses be it an online portal, a mobile app or just a regular offline business. These highly motivated starters started wasting their money and time following pieces of advice from these pages/groups. They always lacked and still major of them do to provide real-life solutions out of individual experiences.

I wanted to do something about it and thus got the motivation to start “Startup Activist”

A blog dedicated to entrepreneurship and individuals who aspire to build successful startups and businesses or simply want to create a side stream to earn online through their blog, website, apps and etc. My mission is to help the community with the most useful resources for getting started. I aim to consolidate all my learnings about entrepreneurship into real life solutions out of my own experiences right from learning to setup domains, servers, websites, apps, email marketing, funnels and sales to building businesses.

I promise to bring quality training and resources for the community via my karma. I am a strong believer in “what goes around comes around”.

Do check out My Story Here.

That’s it for now! see you around next time. Do check my startup masterclass and subscribe to my newsletters 🙂

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